How to create a new blog step by step

Create a new blog step by step

Sign in to Blogger.

On the left, click the Down arrow .
Click New blog.
Enter a name for your blog.
Choose a blog address, or URL.
Choose a template.
Click Create blog.

Sign in to Blogger.

First click on this link to .Now this kind of screen will open in front of you. If you want to create a new blog, then click on New Blog. Click on create a new ,sign in gmail this screen will open.Here you have to select the title of your blog and the address of the blog. They can keep anything according to their own. It may be that the address you want is registered by someone else, in this situation, you have to select another address.Blog Title – This will be the title of your blog which will appear at the top of your blog.
Address – Here we have to select the URL of the blog. (URL like –, etc.) Since you are creating blogs on Blogger, you do not have to pay any charges, so at the end of your blog. Blogspot will be connected. If you want Blogger to not be associated with your blog’s URL, then you must first buy a domain name from a website such as, after which by changing some settings, this blog will be sent to the new domain name. Can-direct. Let’s do that, after all, we first complete our blog.

Now click on New Post to post a blog post. Now the screen will open in front of you.If you have knowledge of MS Word then the above icon will be coming to know about their use. According to the picture given below, you can add any text, image, video etc. in the blog and with the help of the above mentioned tools you can change the color and formation also.
If no post has been posted on this blog.Your blog’s first post is ready for publishing. Now click on the above given key button.
You can also earn money from this blog. But keep in mind, the articles of your blog should not be copy for any other website or blog. If you do this then your blog will never be indexed in Google and you can fall into any major difficulty. So never copy – paste from any other website.

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